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Since 2016, Arcane Maid Cafe has been hosting maid cafe events throughout California. We are an Akihabara-inspired maid cafe with offerings of British high tea service, baked goods, flavored teas, milk teas, espresso coffee, and more. Our maid cafe is known for live stage performances, table side entertainment, and for great food service.

Arcane Maid Cafe Menu

Grand Maid Cafe Events

  • British Tea Service & Platters
  • Bean-to-cup Espresso

Full Service Events

  • Omelet Chicken Rice
  • Japanese Beef Curry & Rice

Fast Casual Events

  • Flavored Fruit Teas
  • Milk Teas
  • Takoyaki

Award winning
Premium Espresso Beans
used in every Coffee we serve!

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Our Maid Cafe is a touring cafe that partners with Conventions and Festivals. Find us at our upcoming events!

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AniFest 2023

Torrance Cultural Arts Center 3330 Civic Center Dr, Torrance

Your Beloved Anime Festival! April 8th, 2023 Torrance Cultural Arts Center. AniFest is an annual Anime Festival held in Torrance, CA during the spring time. The event hosts over a […]

Served at select Full Service events!

Omelet Chicken Fried Rice with Side Salad

A maid café favorite! Enjoy our flavorful Omelet rice, stuffed with Chicken Fried Rice and assorted vegetables. Includes an Orient Side Salad and topped with Green Onions. Our maids will draw and enchant your Omelet Rice with a cute drawing of your choice!

Maid Cafe Homestyle Beef Curry Rice

Savory, comforting, and full of bold flavors, our Homestyle Curry Rice is made with the finest ingredients to bring you a taste of Akihabara! Balanced with Jasmine rice and garnished with Nori seasoning, it’s the perfect food to recover from those long convention walks!  

Served at Grand Maid Cafe Events

British High Tea Service

Our maid cafe stocks delicious croissants, bagels, scones, and other deli items that pairs wonderfully with our selection of coffees and teas.

Bean to cup Espresso Coffee

Wake up to a special bean-to-cup espresso kona blend from the maid cafe! We serve 100% arabica espresso, using filtered water to make you a wonderful espresso, latte, or cappuccino. If you prefer something on the sweet side, we also make mocha, vanilla, pumpkin spice, and other too!

Served at all Maid Cafe events!

Try our Specialty Handcrafted Bubble Teas!

Start with either a richly brewed fruit flavored Green Tea drink, or go for a sweet boba milk tea drink !

Served at Night Market events!

Traditional Takoyaki

A classic Japanese food faire favorite! Our maid cafe serves hot and fresh Takoyaki Octopus snacks with Japanese mayonnaise, Bonito flakes, Aonori, and seasoning!

Cali Takoyaki

A classic Japanese food faire favorite! Our maid cafe serves hot and fresh Takoyaki Octopus snacks with Japanese mayonnaise, Bonito flakes, Aonori, and seasoning!

Taro Taiyaki & Sundae

A perfect sweet dessert for a hot day at a Night Market! Our inhouse Taro Cream creation gives a subtle sweetness and a delightful Taro taste! Paired with a freshly pressed semi-sweet Waffle Taiyaki fish. Sundaes come with Honey Granola, Berry Jam, and Chocolate biscuit sticks!

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Live Entertainment

Arcane Maid Cafe brings exciting live entertainers both from our maid staff and from local performers!

Catch us at our next event!

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